Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm back from outerspace.

Goodness it has been a stressful and exhausting few months.  I'm glad that my family is healthy, happy, and all around boring again.I am especially glad because it lets me get back to my routine - blogging being a large part of that routine.

So, it is HOT here in New Jersey. I think all of July was one giant heat wave.  I have been a slacking Greenie because I have had our air conditioners running non-stop for about a month now.  Luckily, they are new models which have energy saving settings and automatic shut off.  I haven't seen much difference in the electric bill, so I think we found a decent solution to beating the heat.

The plus side of all this heat is that my veggie garden is exploding with fresh produce.  I have tomatoes and cucumbers filling up my kitchen.  I am actually going to pickle some cucumbers this year!  I'm very excited to try it and see how they turn out.  The tomatoes barely make it past the front door before they are gone.  I rinse them off, slice them and eat them right off the cutting board.  Fresh tomatoes may be my favorite food in the world. 

So, I am working on ideas to change an area of my home into the designated daycare area.  I am trying to find eco products to do this.  If you see anything adorable, green, and available, let me know!

It's so nice to be back, I hope to "see" you all around again!