Monday, August 9, 2010

Does your community encourage recycling?

My community is very lucky to not only have free recycling, but residents actually get REWARDED to recycle through RecycleBank.  It's a great program where you earn points based on the weight of recyclables collected.  You earn 2.5 points for each pound recycled.  RecycleBank also offers electronics recycling so all those old gadgets don't end up in a landfill.  The points can be traded in on their site for gift certificates, store discounts, and coupons.  They have everything from groceries to restaurants to clothing.  It's really a great program that rewards people for doing the right thing!

In my community they only offer this program for paper.  Our plastic and metal recycling profit is turned over to our local government and they use it to keep our taxes low (another great way to encourage recycling).

Does your community reward your recycling efforts?  I have heard you actually have to PAY for recycling in some places.  Is this true?  How does it work in your area?


Busy Working Mama said...

We pay for recycling. But we also pay for trash so I figure - one way or another we'll be paying! We recycle nearly everything - actaully our recycling bin is usually more full than our garbage can!

Jen M said...

That stinks! If you don't mind my asking, are the prices comparable for both trash and recycling?

Allyson said...

The reward we get for recycling is not being fined for NOT recycling! I live in NYC, where we pay for just about everything. We get a pretty serious violation ticket if they find recyclables in our trash...but there are so many random things they don't accept for recycling!

Jen M said...

That stinks Allyson. What sort of things are a pain to recycle?