Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deodorant in the Dryer

I recently borrowed my husband's gym bag as a makeshift diaper bag for a long day out. A bit of apple juice was accidentally spilled inside so I emptied it out, checked the pockets, and threw it into the washing machine. In a rush to get to bed, I tossed it into the dryer and headed upstairs.

I went into the basement this morning to wash a load of diapers and the basement smelled really nice -- which is odd because we live in a 100 year old house and nothing about our basement is nice. It is dark, damp, and smells musty. I start washing the diapers and wonder why it smells so good down there. I remove my husbands bag from the dryer and I am hit with an overpowering smell. The black bag is covered in some sort of white wax. And then it see it -- the empty stick of men's deodorant. Ugh.

The entire inside of the dryer is coated with melted deodorant. I have already wiped it out with dish soap and water, scrubbed it with a Magic Eraser, and thrown some wet towels in there on high to re-melt the deodorant. I think I got all of it out, but it still smells like a man's armpit (a clean armpit, but still an armpit).

I am air drying the diapers because I am afraid to ruin them. But I can't air dry all the laundry because I do not have enough room to hang it all.

Please tell me that some of you have done equally dumb things before!

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A Jaded Mama said...

I haven't done anything like this myself as laundry is the one thing I'm SUPER careful about, but my husband has had his share of messups!

I am working on a post about a great alternative to deodorant, so your post was funny timing!