Monday, February 15, 2010

How do you shop green?

I was out over the weekend and I noticed that most stores already have their Spring clothes out.  I was window shopping all of the adorable baby clothes and I started wondering when more eco-friendly clothes with a decent price tag would be available to the masses.  Target and Walmart already have some very affordable children's and baby clothing that is organic and I love that, but I don't always see it on sale there.  I have to really search and even then it is only a few t-shirts or onesies.  When will the big children's stores catch on?

We are fortunate to have a lot of hand me down clothing for my kids from family and friends, but we always need a few nicer outfits.  I tend to check out our local children's resale shop first because they have a very large selection with a lot of items that are brand new and still have tags on them.  The dressier clothes are generally in perfect condition, under $5 for the entire outfit, and just as adorable as the $45 outfit I can find at the mall.

I have yet to find an inexpensive baby or children's line that offers organic clothing consistently.  I have a hard time plunking down $15+ for a t-shirt that my children will get food on the first time they wear it.

This adorable dress by Zah Organics is just $19 which I think is a pretty good deal considering it is certified 100% Organic cotton and uses only low impact dyes. 

So, where do you buy your baby or children's clothing?  Do you know of an organic or eco-friendly retailer with affordable prices?

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