Monday, February 22, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I am so looking forward to getting out in the warm spring air and playing in the dirt.  I have big plans this year for a raised organic fruit and veggie garden bed in the yard.  We will see if this actually happens, husband and I tend to make big plans and are not always the best at following through when it comes to home improvements.

I am also hoping to save a patch of dirt for my kids and my daycare kids so they can plant their own fruits or veggies and snack on them.  I think it could be a great learning activity and also a very simple way to introduce organic gardening.  I plan on having them start their seedlings in egg carton cutouts and we will transfer them into the ground once it is warm enough.

I am also starting to learn about composting.  I have just started my research for what system will work best for us.  It has to be very sanitary because we often have our children and my daycare children in the yard in the nice weather.  It also has to be pretty tough because we have an 80 pound lab mix who loves to dig in the trash.  I hope to buy a compost tumbler this spring and get to it.  We have a fairly large amount of lawn, so we gets lots of clippings and leaves that would be perfect for composting.

Any composting tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

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