Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am a cloth diaper junkie

I am addicted to the fluff. It is a true sickness. It started when my daughter was 3 months old. I needed to save money and wanted to stop throwing away a dozen toxic, chemical filled diapers each day. So I bought ten cheap diapers off of eBay and regretted it immediately. They were leaky and poorly made. I almost nixed the idea of cloth diapering all together.

But I took the advice of a friend and tried a quality (and pricier) diaper. I was in love. So I started researching different kinds and found the possibilities to be almost endless on what kind of cloth diaper you could dream up.

After a year of using cloth diapers, I have found that I am a fan of pocket diapers with snaps and aplix (cloth diaper speak for velcro). I personally prefer snaps because they seem to hold up better, but like almost any other dad, my husband prefers the ease of velcro and will not touch a diaper with snaps.

Keep checking back because very soon I will be doing cloth diaper reviews!

1 comment:

TheGirl said...

My husband hates snaps on anything, like pj's, he goes for velcro and zippers. haha