Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Gal Pick: Cutey Baby Modern Cloth Diaper Review

When I was asked to have my daughter test drive the new Cutey Baby Modern cloth diaper, I was super excited.  I was excited because I have never tried an AIO diaper.  I was always put off by the drying time and I also felt like it would be really hard to keep an AIO clean because of all those layers that you can't see.  I just see traditional AIOs as a HUGE energy waster because many take two drying cycles or more.

We had the chance to try out the Big Pink Dot Cutey Baby and it is ADORABLE.

The Cutey Baby Modern cloth diaper is much, much different than a traditional AIO.  The first thing I noticed was how soft the outside of the diaper was.  Not like a PUL feeling, but more like cotton.  It was really nice.  Then I opened the diaper and saw that it was velcro.  Now, velcro is usually a minus for me in the cloth diaper category because I have had a ton of velcro diapers make diaper chains in the washer, pull at my other diapers and snag the material, and the velcro wears really, really fast and makes some diapers almost useless after just a few months.  But, this diaper is different because the sticky part of the velcro comes off for washing!  How smart is that?

The inner of the Cutey Baby has a stay dry, moisture wicking material to keep baby dry and comfortable.  It also has a large cutout in the middle of the diaper that you don't normally see.  This helps to keep messes inside the diaper and also allows the inner part of the diaper to float out during a wash and dry to get really clean and dry super fast.

The adjustments for size are on the wings of the diaper.  Just a simple snap system to make it a custom fit for your baby.  My daughter is a teeny tiny thing at 19 pounds at 17 months, so I adjusted it to the smaller setting and it was a great fit.

So after using this diaper consistently for two weeks now, I have to say that I love it.  I hate when it is dirty because it is absorbent (lasts through my daughter's 4 hour naps), soft, easy to use, and so cute. A lot of great ideas went into this diaper and it shows because it is truly a different diaper that works without fail time and time again!


You can purchase your own Cutey Baby Modern Cloth Diaper on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I did receive one Cutey Baby Modern Cloth Diaper for review.  This does not affect the review of this product. I was not paid for this review and the opinions are mine and mine alone. 

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