Monday, March 8, 2010

Green Gal Pick: Flip One Size Diaper System Review

Another new style of diaper that I tried out recently was the Flip One Size Diaper System from Diaper Junction. Bryana at Diaper Junction generously offered to send me the Flip system in Ribbit to try out.

When it arrived, I was so anxious to try it out.  First thing I noticed was that it is a one size snap diaper -- HUGE PLUS!  I love one size diapers and I love snaps.  Snaps are my preference because they do not snag on other diapers in the washer and dryer and they hold up much better to frequent use.

Next thing that I noticed was the Stay Dry Insert.  It has a moisture wicking suede material on one side to go against baby's skin which is great because I like when my daughter feels dry.  It has another 3 layers of microfiber to keep that moisture contained.  The Flip is VERY easy to put together.  Just 2 quick tucks and the liner is in place and you are ready to diaper baby.

If you prefer natural materials, the Flip offers an organic cotton insert as well.  They also offer a disposable diaper insert for the times when cloth just isn't an option.

I love the fit of this cloth diaper because it is trim, which is rare in almost any cloth diaper.  My daughter wore this diaper for 3 hours without a single leak!  She put it to the ultimate test by having a massive would-be blowout as well.  I say would-be blowout because the Flip contained the entire mess.  No pulling inserts out or fastening velcro laundry tabs.  Just rinsed off the solids and threw the entire thing in the diaper pail.  With the Flip, you can also just replace the insert and reuse the cover!  How great is that?

Washing and drying was a breeze.  I just washed with my other diapers and the insert came out perfectly clean and stink free and I hung the Flip cover to dry.  The weather is finally warming up so I am excited to line dry the Flip.  I know it will dry quickly outside which is great for us.  

I think that the Flip system is a great was for someone to try out cloth diapering or a great alternative for vacations when many cloth diaperers use disposables because they may not have a washer available.  It offers lots of great options for everyday use and it is a very affordable and easy to care for system!


You can purchase your own Flip Diaper System at Diaper Junction!

Check out Diaper Junction's 30 Day Test Drive as well.  It is a great program that lets you try out a variety of diapers RISK FREE!

Disclaimer: I did receive one Flip cloth diaper in Ribbit for review.  This does not affect the review of this product. I was not paid for this review and the opinions are mine and mine alone.  

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