Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Growing Your Own Fruits and Veggies

I am really interested in starting a real veggie and fruit garden this year.  I think it would be a great way to cut down on our trips to the produce store (which is a 10 minute car ride once a week) and save us some cash (we typically spend about $20 - $25 on fresh fruit and veggies a week).  I think fresh veggies are much more nutritious than those sitting on store shelves.

I also think it would be a GREAT learning project for my kids and my daycare kids.  My problem is that I have a crazy schedule and not often a ton of time to work on a veggie garden.  So if I incorporate it into my daycare curriculum, the kids will remind me that we need to take care of our plants!  We also have lots of critters that like to steal my veggies.  I do not have any sort of green thumb.

Considering that many seed catalogs offer $25 off your first order when you receive their catalog in the mail, this makes for very cheap or free fruits and veggies for your family!  I really love Burpee and Gurney's because they offer great descriptions in the catalog on exactly how and where to plant your seeds for the best results.  While I am browsing, I need to find some flowers and plants that attract bees.  Very important!

I plan on making raised beds in the backyard so that the kids and the dog don't trample any seedlings.  I hope to find some cedar wood or pine that is not pressure treated so I can build it (well, so my Dad can build it).

Do you garden?  Are you into fruits, veggies, or flowers?

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