Friday, March 5, 2010

Thirsties Diaper Cover Review

Thisties is the first cover I bought to go over fitteds.  I had heard great things about the Thrirsties brand and it was a VERY affordable cover.  I paid about $9 after a coupon code for this cover which I think is an excellent price for such a quality product.

The PUL is soft on the outside and the laundry tabs and velcro are strong, which means no diaper chain in the washer.  My favorite part of the Thirsties diaper cover is the inner leg gussets.  My daughter is a skinny little thing and has chicken legs to match. So any other cover would not cover her diaper the way a Thirsties does.  I have not once had a leak with this cover and it still looks brand new despite that it is the only diaper cover I own and it gets washed very frequently.  I also love that this cover dries in about 5 minutes outside and about 10 hanging inside.

Perfection in a cover.  In fact, I am so pleased with this cover that I never bothered to buy another cover in the past year!  I strongly suggest you get yourself one of these covers (well, not yourself, but your kid) because the quality and price are just the beginning of wonderful things about this cover!

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